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Learn how to to formulate natural and organic skincare products that people need, want and love  

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The challenge is FUN, FREE and starts 19th April 2021. 

In this FREE mini course & challenge you'll: 

  • Learn our 5 steps to creating products customers need, want and love - and keep coming back to buy more
  • Design your own unique & gorgeous facial oil - with our help
  • Know how to create products for different skin types
  • Learn how to choose which ingredients to use
  • Join our tutors and your peers for a fun, interactive experience


Be in with a chance of winning a place on our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation!

This is for you if:  

  • You have some experience or no experience
  • You want to start creating your own recipes rather than follow others
  • You'd like to create a unique product range for yourself or to sell  
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We’ll share with you our signature process and worksheet from our Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation which you can use time and time again.  

Books and google only get you so far.  

 Learning first hand will take your knowledge and experience to a whole new level!  

This training is usually reserved for paid students only. For a limited time we're inviting you too! 

What participants said about the last challenge:

Thank you Gail and Gareth for the opportunity! I love your is amazing to see how this has developed from Lesson 1 into an actual product!” - Busi Mthethwa

I am so new at this that I truly appreciate your feedback and making sure I'm on the right track. This class has been so awesome! Formulating is so much fun after all! This course truly helped me focus without feeling lost. What a wonderful beginning for me! Thank you!” - Raquel LoVetere Curtin

I have really enjoyed the challenges and seeing how skincare is formulated in a whole new light. I chose the parsley oil because it's in the facial oil I currently use (and it's an expensive brand). I loved researching the different carrier and essential oils that I haven't really come across before. I'm looking forward to making my own now.” - Naomi Carr