Step-By-Step Online Training

How to Make Your Own Organic Lotions & Creams

For a Fraction of the Price of Store Bought Brands! 

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To be blunt, there is a lot of incorrect information circulating around online and in books.  

  It is so difficult to know what is right and what isn't.  

A lot of this bad advice relates to making creams and lotions.  

That's why in this FREE training we are going to teach you:

  •  How to go behind the label: discover what is REALLY in the products you buy and how you can make your own at home for less.  
  • 4 common myths that are all over the internet (so you don’t fall for them).  
  • How to avoid problems like creams that separate, lotions that are too runny or too thick, or products that can cause irritation and inflammation.  
  • How to make safe, stable, and beautiful lotions that are 100% natural & organic! 

This online training is happening soon.

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