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Quick guide to formulating with Vitamin C

Ready to start supercharging your skincare formulations with high-performance ingredients?

In our quick guide to formulating with Vitamin C you'll learn: 

  • What is Vitamin C?
  • What are the benefits of Vitamin C?
  • What type of cosmetic is it suitable for?
  • Stable forms of Vitamin C and how to use them.  

Plus we’ll share with you a Vitamin C antioxidant serum formula you can make yourself!

You'll also discover the amazing benefits Vitamin C offers for the skin:

  • It boosts collagen production, and thus helps to keep the skin healthy and plump. 
  • It’s an antioxidant and, especially in synergy with Vitamin E, it protects skin cells from oxidative stress and damage due to UV light exposure. 
  • Vitamin C therefore functions as a potent anti-aging ingredient.  

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"The information is presented in a way that is easy to comprehend. I am learning so much about alternative ingredients that I can implement in my products that are safe and are not synthetic. I want to thank the entire staff for all of your knowledge and support that you give. Keep up the great work that you do!"

Kim Robinson, USA