Learn to make your own natural makeup with luxurious natural ingredients!

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How to make mineral blusher, is the first product you'll learn to make:

Formulating mineral makeup is very different to skincare and haircare, especially because we're often working with such small quantities.

So, in our natural makeup recipe book we will cover:

How to measure your ingredients properly
How to make mineral blusher
• Three blusher shades to get you started
• Tips on how to vary your formula
Instructions for use
• Quick video demonstration

Learn how to make lip gloss!

Lip glosses are super fun products to make, and this beginners’ lip gloss recipe is a great way to
get started with making your own natural makeup products.

We will cover:

• What are lip glosses?
• How to formulate a natural lip gloss.
• The key ingredients in natural lip gloss.
• Product development questions.
• The formula for a natural lip gloss.
Recipe in grams and ounces.
How to make lip gloss.
• Product specifications.
Adjusting the formula.
• Quick video demonstration.

Learn To Make A Beginner's Vegan Mascara

Mascara as a product type is an emulsion that usually contains a high amount of waxes to make
it very thick, and contains a water phase, an oil phase and an emulsifier.

In our recipe book, we provide a natural and vegan beginners’ mascara formula.

We will cover:

• The key ingredients in mascara.
• Product development questions.
• An example formula.
Recipe in grams and ounces.
How to make mascara.
• Product specifications.
• Quick video demonstration.

Before you get started with making your natural makeup...

You'll learn the essential foundation and theory:

- Chemistry of color cosmetics: Three types of product formula

- All the natural color cosmetics you can make

- Colorants in natural makeup

- Using pigments and micas to create your perfect finish

- Equipment you'll need to make your products

- Storage and shelf-life

- Suppliers

Why learn to formulate your own makeup and color cosmetic products?

It’s fun and creative – have fun mixing colored pigments and shimmery micas and experiment with a range of makeup formats.

Customize your perfect shade - make products suited perfectly to your skin tone and preferences.

Create products your way - vegan, clean, natural and/or organic.

Avoid the mistakes and misinformation found online and learn the correct way to create professional standard color cosmetics.

Establish a natural makeup and color cosmetics range!

Learn from our Tutors who are Professional & Qualified Cosmetic Scientists!

Learn using tried and tested formulas! Our formulas have passed Preservative Efficiacy Testing.

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