Free Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Recipe Book

Learn to make your own natural shampoos & conditioners with luxurious natural ingredients.

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Download this fabulous book and discover recipes for:

  • Cocoa Butter and Patchouli Solid Shampoo Bar
  • Shea and Coconut Conditioner for Dry Hair
  • Monoi Beauty Butter for Hair
  • Vanilla and Benzoin Solid Conditioner Bar
  • Gentle Aloe and Chamomile Liquid Shampoo for normal hair

"I now have the confidence that my formulas have scientific bases and are not just recipes or mixed ingredients, Tina was also very helpful with answering my doubts."

Denise Rangel Gonzalez

Plus we’ll share with you: 

  • The primary function of shampoos and conditioners and how they work
  • A handy video where Gail shows you the equipment that you’ll need
  • A list of recommended suppliers in the UK, USA and Australia
  • Tips on customizing for different hair types
  • 7 powerful ingredients to personalize your haircare products 

Make your own haircare for a fraction of the price of store bought brands!

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Many well-meaning but unqualified beauty enthusiasts share recipes that either aren’t safe or that might even damage the hair.  

It’s our mission to teach you the professional and correct way to make products.  

That’s why this book includes recipes that have been created by professional scientists and formulators, who share them as both a “formula” and a “recipe”.  

If you are brand new to making haircare products you’ll be able to get started. If you already have some experience you’ll pick up new ideas, correct mistakes you might be making and gain confidence. 

Enjoy the satisfaction that you made it - and even better, it works!  

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"I enjoyed all of it and found it all fascinating - I'd never heard of an Ayurvedic hair product before and am interested to try it. I also loved finding out the different natural ingredients that could be used to vary the formulations, ie. to treat dandruff, or be suitable for African hair types/oily hair etc."

Paula Jones