How to make sure the skincare products you make are safe and stable

Free checklist and guide 

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If you rely on books, blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest for your knowledge and recipes there are a few big problems.  

  • Books can quickly go out of date. For example there are some classic aromatherapy books which contain wonderful descriptions of essential oils and their uses. BUT usage guidelines since they were published have been drastically altered, meaning if you follow their guidance you’ll be using potentially harmful levels of oils. 
  • Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube are often inaccurate. They are created by well-meaning and passionate people but often they are unqualified and pass on inaccurate information. This means you might be making things aren’t right, or worse, unsafe!

We want to help put this right.  

With so much information out there, it is really confusing.  

So we created a handy guide. A checklist to help you create safe and stable products. 

Read it. Keep it with you when looking at or creating skincare recipes. Check the recipe against each of these points.  

The guide covers:

  • How much essential oil to use 
  • When to use a preservative and what to use 
  • The difference between antioxidants and preservatives
  • What emulsifers are and when to use them
  • What GMP is and why you need it  
Yes, send my guide (It's free!)

"Thanks Gareth and Gail for your generousity. Really glad I found you. I really look forward to learning more from you so I can formulate my own winning products!" - Evelyn  

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"I am so thankful for the day that I came across the School of Natural Skincare. Thank you for so much information; I have learnt so much that my vision for a skincare business has been taken to another level. Thank you for your generosity with the free lessons." - Angelica